A limited edition custom cast model kit. All sculpts will be cast in zombie flesh green that may vary slightly between batches. Some pieces may have minor bubbles or flash.  These are for experienced adult modelers. This is a model kit and requires an advanced skill set to assemble.

The Plague Wars is a new custom model kit line by Benjamin Bently III (Jedi_Master_Ben).  Can you survive The Plague Wars?  Each 1:18th scale articulated survivor and zombie model kits are fun to build, paint, collect, and game with.

“Dog Tags “was a soldier who was at the base barracks during the initial outbreak. Poor soul didn’t even get a chance to put on his boots before he was attacked.

Currently offered are numbers 14-20 of 50.  We will be releasing these in small waves to insure all figures that checkout with the extra options ship in the shortest time possible (2-3 business days).  The numbers will be sent out in the order they are received.  

Please only choose one option when checking out.  The actual colors for the painted option will vary depending on the artist painting your kit and their color choices.  The pictured samples will be used as the general guide.


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